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Has your hair suffered since you have been living in the UAE? It might have something to do with the quality of water coming down your shower heads. Try the new revolutionary product designed to filter the harmful chlorine and chemicals and help keep your tresses sleek.

PRODUCT : H2O Pure Blue Shower Purifier Dhs 250 Sisters Beauty Lounge at Dubai Mall.

Shower Power

Shower Power

Shower filters may not only leave hair shinier, they are also good for our skin helping to remove toxins that can lead to psoriasis and eczema. Try the H2O Pure Blue Shower Purifier (Dhs 250), which turns your shower water toxin free and ph balanced. At Pharmacies.

Local Look We Love

Local Look We Love

The beautiful British entrepreneur is not only the Founder and Managing Partner of H2O Pure Blue (keeping your hair glossy and your skin clear with purified water) but she’s one stylish businesswoman too. With a quirky and colorful wardrobe that made us stop in our tracks, were in love with Sahar’s style.

Sahar Davodi, 27, From the UK

We love a splash of colour here at grazia HQ and Sahar’s MCM bag and Stradivarius necklace are the ideal neon accessories to see you through the summer. “Ïts all about light and bright for me” she explains I like outfits with colour. Conservative does not mean you need to stick to black!” we couldn’t agree more especially with that gorgeous printed Zara blazer teaming it with staple J Brand jean and Christian Dior heels. Sahar shows off her flair for creating sophisticated looks with a vibrant edge. Finishing the look with a pretty pautel shirt and bracelet from Candela Boutique. Sahar adds a touch of femininity while remaining quirky at the same time.

Beauty Buzz

Beauty Buzz

Have you ever wished you could easily flaunt glossy, shiny and healthy hair, soft skin even when you are on a tight budget? Well H2O Pure Blue Shower Purifier may just be the answer to your beauty woes.

Water is essential to beauty hair and skin, but not many people are aware that tap water can contain a range of contaminants from different sources, foremost of which are chlorine, lead and inorganic salts. By installing H2o Pure Blue Shower Purifier in your bathroom, you can shower with water that is free of all these undesirable elements. Give it a tryl INFO: priced at Dhs 250, Pure Blue Shower Purifier can be purchased online at or at selected pharmacies and salons throughout the UAE.

H2O Pure Blue Shower Purifier

H2O Pure Blue Shower Purifier

If you swim regularly, please remember to wear a hat to protect your hair from the chlorine. I would advise everyone to install the H2O pure blue shower. It removes 98% chlorine from the water in your shower, reducing problems such as dry scalp, hair loss and dandruff. It also preserves hair treatment and colour.

Street Style: Real readers, Real places

Street Style: Real readers, Real places

Sahar Davodi, 27 , British, Co-founder of H2OPure Blue, Spotted on JBR  The Walk.

How would you describe your style?

That’s a hard one as my style changes with my mood. I would say I try to be trendy while remaining sophisticated.

What’s your favorite store in Dubai

Like most women, I have an affinity for handbags and MCM is one of my favourite brands. For clothes I would have to say Harvey Nichols. For daily wear I love Zara as it always with the latest trends, but not too overpriced.

Name the last thing u bought and when?

A black and white checked blazer Zara.

Does Dubai have style?

I think Dubai has all the ingredients to become a style capital, but unfortunately a lot of people here fail to trap brands and think that  if it costs allot it’s going to look good.

What are your style pet peeves ?

I hate it when you see people with matching shoes, bags and belts all from the same brand, trying to show how much money they have spent.

What’s your funniest faux pass?

Trying to squeeze into clothes that clearly do not fit me anymore. Definitely not a good idea when you plan to go out dancing and you hear the ‘riiiiiiiip’ on the dance floor.

Sahar Davodi of H2O Pure Blue

Sahar Davodi of H2O Pure Blue

Sahar Davodi is the founder and managing partner of H2O Pure Blue, a business she has been running for four years. She says that, coming from an Iranian family she was always taught that a woman needs to be intelligent, hardworking and should always be able to take care of herself.

She elaborates, “Often time’s women, especially Muslim women, are stereotyped as week and submissive. If you were to ask someone to describe me, those are the last two words that would come to mind. Today, more women are empowering themselves and are dependent on men to support them financially. There is an ever growing number of women running companies all over the world weather they are family owned or Forune500. Although we are not a multinational conglomerate, I would still like to think I am one of them. As 99% of my professional life has been spent in Dubai, I have never faced any issues regarding my religion and sometimes it is an added value that we are in a Muslim country. Even though running your own business is a 24/7 job we keep weekends free for unwinding with friends and nice dinners. We especially like going for movies for what we call our ‘popcorn past times’. Additionally I do love Bikram yoga so try and fit a class whenever we can. Women are the foundation of society, wherever you are in the world and it is your duty to be stewards in a positive change in whatever way we can”.

Tried and Tested

Tried and Tested

Tap water can contain range of contaminants from different sources such as chlorine lead and undesirable salts. With H2o Pure Blue Shower Purifier, you can have shower water that is free from these undesirable elements.

What is involved?

Ordinary shower filters use only carbon filtration, which, to be effective have to be big enough to handle the volume of water passing through the shower filter. On  the other hand KDF is a finely granulated that removes chlorine, iron, salts, sediments and other damaging minerals.

What are the results  ?

By effectively removing 98% chlorine from tap water Pure Blue Purifier helps improve dry and sensitive skin reducing skin rashes, wrinkles and blotches, dry scalp, thinning hair and dandruff. It can also help reduce respiratory problems such as asthma and bronchitis caused by chlorine inhalation.

How much?

Priced at Dhs 250.

Pure Blue Purifier can be purchased at or at selected Salons and pharmacies throughout the UAE. Such as Sisters Beauty Lounge, Hair Works and Bin sina Pharmacy.

Pure and Simple

Pure and Simple

We all know that babies and bigger kids are the ones in the possession of sensitive skin. H2o believes that irritation in their delicate dermis by showering in unpurified water which contains a range of contaminants like chlorine, lead, inorganic salt, calcium and magnesium. This unpurified water can sometimes lead to health problems like psoriasis and eczema so H2o has created the H2o Pure Blue Shower Purifier, a high grade filter that can change ordinary water into pure, ph balanced water free of toxins resulting in healthier happier kids. Dhs 250 from or selected salons and pharmacies throughout UAE.

Tried and Tested

Tried and Tested

Claiming to reduce chlorine in the shower water by 98 percent, improve dry skin and hair, remove water soluble lead, mercury, nickel and chromium, plus reduce bacterial and scale, this shower filter makes some big promises. It was very easy to install, and after four days a difference was noted in skin and hair, specifically hair was shinier and softer, with fewer breakages, while skin felt smoother. Of course, tap water quality depends on the age and condition of your water tank, and living in an older villa ours probably isn’t in great nick, so if you’re in a newer apartment building the results might not be so dramatic. If you’re concerned about dry hair from the UAE’s hard water it’s well worth a try.

Hair SOS

Hair SOS

With the arrival of the summer heat and exposure to air-con, your locks are entering a war zone. Stay ahead of the game with these DIY moisturizing treatments.

Natural Response

Ayurveda specialist Dr. Asma Inamdar gives Whats On ! top three tips to keep your hair healthy in the heat.

Oil your scalp with coconut, almond or herbal oil. Apply the oil little by little to different parts of your scalp with the pads of your fingers, and along  the length of your hair in slow circular motion
For weaker hair mix 100 ml of coconut oil with 1  tsp of fenugreek seeds (methi ) in a bottle. Once a week massage it in your scalp at night and wash your hair the next day.
If you have stronger hair mix two eggs, two table spoon olive oil and apply on your hair for 30 minutes before rinsing with shampoo.
Yogurt Hair Mask

Prevent your hair from becoming dry and fizzy with a monthly yoghurt hair mask, which will leave your hair mane feeling silky and manageable. Explains Spaces Salon’s Sally Ann Simons.

Ingredients :

1 egg

¼ cup plain yoghurt

¼ cup mayonnaise


Beat egg white until frothy and mix with the yoghurt and mayonnaise. Massage the mixture into wet hair, cover with plastic shower and leave for and leave for 30 minutes. Then wash with shampoo.

Win !

The path of soft hair starts here with an H2O Pure Blue Shower Purifier, the devce that screws into any shower purifier, filters your water, removing rust and sand as well as harmfull chemicals such as lead and chlorine.

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Which of the following is not a chemical element?