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Welcome to H2O Pure Blue!

A homegrown shower filter brand founded only to save hair and protect skin.
H2o Pure Blue : Cofounders Hamid Davodi and Sahar Davodi
Cofounders: Hamid Davodi and Sahar Davodi
From right here in the UAE, sibling duo Sahar and Hamid Davodi set out to change lives for the better. It all started when Sahar moved to Dubai and soon after realised an unusual increase in her hair loss. When the siblings found out the root cause was the chlorine used to treat water… We went on a mission to save our hair! 

“We wanted to bring a solution to the problem and help others overcome the challenges of having water impurities cause havoc on hair and skin.”

After trying out and even importing many filters, nothing seemed to be the right match. And so Pure Blue was born. To Sahar and Hamid, Pure Blue shower filters are the ultimate solution to tackling hard, chlorinated water in the UAE, the GCC, and beyond.


We learned from the downfalls of every brand that we’ve tried and has failed us in some way. We made sure to use the finest, most advanced ingredients and found reliable sources for the best-in-market American made KDF 55 to filter a whopping 98% of chlorine, tackle heavy metals and residue from piping like copper, lead, and other impurities and organisms.

We also coupled our first-rate KDF 55 technology with Japanese made calcium sulfate. The result is Pure Blue shower filters, the favourite shower filter on the market. This is also because we made sure to be as inclusive as possible with our design. By creating a shower filter that fits any bathroom thanks to a seamless design that will not stand out and a simple twist-on installation, Pure Blue shower filters have a truly universal design. Wherever you are, no matter your shower type… Just twist it on!


Being a family homegrown brand, we understand the importance of genuine care, personalised attention, and exceptional customer service. Today, we are proud to say that with our product range that is designed specifically to answer UAE and GCC issue, we have changed the lives of over 100,000 happy customers… and counting.

Pure Blue’s Sustainability Journey

From our line of water-saving products to our 100% certified recycled packaging, Pure Blue is constantly evolving to maximise our positive impact on the planet and to our people.

Our filters are designed to have cartridges that have a metal mesh to easily pop open, empty out the contents and recycle. The filtration media found inside is also biodegradable and in fact makes for a great plant fertiliser.

Our journey is an ongoing one. Our packaging has seen many changes over the years to become even more sustainable each time. Today, we use 100% recycled material for our optimally designed kraft-paper boxes to have recyclable packaging.

Our product family line is also expanding towards sustainability with a growing range of showerheads that are designed to last while they save you three times the amount of water used in every shower, while still giving you a luxurious showering experience with high pressure.

And we’re still learning, still improving, and still innovating for a more sustainable future.