Pure blue shower filter benefits

1. Save Money and time in maintaining your hair.

2. Reduce hair loss, hair thinning and itchy scalp

3. Improves dry and sensitive skin and hair instantly

4. Reduces skin rashes and wrinkles

5. Restore your hair’s natural moisturizing and shine.

6. Soften the water by removing heavy metals

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Shower Filter Replacement Cartridge

Shower Filter Recharge

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THAT chlorine is harmful

When your hair dries, the chlorine will crystallize and grow in size overtime; weakening your hair and making it more susceptible to the formation of split ends. By removing chlorine and heavy metals you can prevent hair loss and restore your hair’s natural shine and texture.

98% of Chlorine

KDF 55 Medium was designed specifically for removing or reducing chlorine and water-soluble heavy metals. It controls scale, bacteria and algae, even in hot water.

To create Pure life

We like to create and develop a “Pure Life” for all customers young or old by developing and creating products to improve their health and beauty, preventing new problems arising now and in the future.

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