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To create an Alternative

H2o Pure Blue : Cofounders Hamid Davodi and Sahar Davodi

Cofounders: Hamid Davodi and Sahar Davodi

When I Moved to Dubai I started losing hair almost immediately. I tried many different hair products without success. After a lot of research I found out that the main cause of my hair loss and many others in Dubai was the amount of chlorine used by the facility management companies. I started looking for shower filters in the market but back in 2006 every filter in the market was too big and only removed a small percentage of Chlorine.

I asked my brother who was working with manufacturers in china at the time to create a shower filter for the Middle East. That started a two year-long process in which we tested water samples from 10 different countries in the Middle East, worked together with KDF in United States, created dozens of prototypes and finally created a patented mixture of KDF 55 and calcium sulfate that removed 98% of chlorine and hardness impurities from shower water.

We use only the best

Filtration Media on the planet

When faced with the choice of materials to construct our shower filter, we could have gone with the status quo: and buy the filtration material from china. Instead, being determined to create the best shower filter possible, we make sure that every filter is filled with KDF 55 purchased directly from United States and the best quality of calcium sulfate from Japan. This philosophy extends to all of our products and every product that carries the Pure Blue name is crafted using nothing but the best materials and construction techniques available.

We followed the same philosophy in the construction of our shower filter housing and designed it in a way that it blends into your bathroom as if it was part of the furniture. It does not scratch easily or lose color. We have coated this with a high-quality sanitary blend that maintains its sharpness in look and style.

We’re relentlessly dedicated to serving our customers.

Customer satisfaction is our number 1 priority. We understand that we exist only because you support us, so we put you first. Our main aim is  to treat you the way we would want to be treated. And we love hearing from you. So please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We care about our planet.

H2O Pure Blue is a first and foremost a green/ Eco-friendly company and it was set up with the intention and mission to help children, young adults, men, women and families around the world who do not have access to 100% clean water in their showers at home. We are dedicated to this mission hence we make sure that we use environmental-friendly material in our products and donate 1$ to water conservation charities for every single purchase of H2O Pure Blue Shower Filter.