H2O Pure Blue was founded in the United Arab Emirates, H2O Pure Blue was created with the clear intention of tackling the different issues people face with water in their everyday lives. To this end, H2O Pure Blue, deals with both individual consumers and commercial customers, with the development and manufacture of our ground-breaking “Shower Filter” and our patented water saving products.


Our Product

Our Shower Filter is vertically shaped and blends into your bathroom as if it was part of the furniture. It does not scratch easily or lose colour. We have coated this with a high-quality sanitary blend that maintains its sharpness in look and style. It comes with the replacement filter cartridge, which lasts up to 6 months based on 2 average length showers a day. Replacing the filter is quick and easy and requires no special tools. Check out our Shower Filter Installation Video to see for yourself.

Our Mission

H2O Pure Blue was set up with the intention and mission to help children, young adults, men, women and families around the world who do not have access to 100% clean water in their showers at home.  Our product reveals the natural purity and calming properties of water. Our goal is to provide our clients with healthy, soft hair and skin.