Frequently Asked questions

Why is there Chlorine in the water?

When water leaves the water treatment plant it is of the highest quality, containing only elements necessary for your health: mainly salts and minerals. In order to maintain the quality of the water all the way to your tap and also eliminate any risk of accidental contamination, chlorine is added to the treated water. Chlorine is usually added in very small doses at the water treatment plant and then at various points in the distribution network. This is because chlorine content decreases during water distribution due to reactions with piping walls and other substances contained in the water, including undesirable microbes.

What is the chlorine content of the water that runs from the tap?

To preserve bacteriological safety of water, on average 0.1 to 0.2 milligrams of chlorine per litre of water is added at various points of the distribution network. This ensures that the water that reaches you is totally compliant with sanitary regulations. Chlorine content in water treated this way represents 1 drop of chlorine per 1,000 litres of water, which is roughly equal to 5 bathtubs.

What are the effects of Chlorine?

Chlorine is added to water at various stages of the distribution process to kill harmful micro-organisms. While it is essential that chlorine is used during the supply process to eliminate potential contamination it can also provide some unwelcomed properties: It can attack organic material, such as sensitive skin and skin oils. As a by-product this can create a dry sensation for both skin and hair Chlorine vapour can be inhaled during a shower due to the steam created. While this impacts everyone it is particularly uncomfortable for those who suffer from respiratory related conditions The body naturally absorbs the chlorinated water through the skin which again can irritate sensitive skin.

What are the benefits of using the H2O Pure Blue Shower Purifier?

There are several benefits: Remove 98% of Chlorine and hardness impurities from Shower Water. It goes to work immediately, softening and purifying your water as it removes chlorine, iron, and hydrogen sulphide, and unwanted odours Improves dry, sensitive skin and hair instantly – leaving your skin, hair, and whole body feeling refreshed, renewed, and revitalized Reduce respiratory problems – Reduces the potential for gasses to be liberated into the air. Now you can take long, hot showers with no fears of any problems associated with unfiltered water Bacteria reduction Removes chlorine odour from skin and hair Scours out heavy metals – no more scale stains in your shower Reveals the natural purity and calming properties of water.

How does the Purifier work?

The cartridge filter contains patented material known as KDF 55. This granulated media was designed specifically for removing chlorine and water-soluble heavy metals For further technical information on how KDF 55 works, laboratory tests and case studies please visit

When can I notice the difference?

Feel the difference immediately Instant elimination of chlorine odour and scale stains around your shower.

How long does the filter last before I need to replace?

On average the filter lasts up to 6 months depending on usage. The cartridge filter can be removed and replaced in seconds.

What is the Warranty of the product?

We really hope that you’re happy with your purchase! Should you have a problem with your purchase, we offer a Standard Warranty that covers your Shower Purifier housing unit for up to 2 years. However, the replacement filter is not covered as this is deemed a ‘wear and tear’ item.

Do you have a branch here in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?

We don’t currently have any branches in Saudi Arabia however we can deliver to when you place an order via our online store

Watched the video of the filter installation and realised my house shower set-up is pretty different from the video. How can I know if this filter fits my bathroom?

our shower purifier can fit 99% of Showers please refer to the attached pictures for installation: 2. If it would be easier please just send a picture of your shower to and our office team will respond to you and confirm how the installation should be done. If we can help further please let us know.

Does it help to reduce hair dandruff ?

Our shower purifier helps to reduce dry sensitive skin and protects your hair from becoming brittle and reduces thinning of the hair which leads to hair loss. We have many customers that say our product has helped to improve dandruff, but it does not get rid of dandruff totally you would need to use a specific shampoo or treatment for that.

Just installed the filter, but the adapter has a double leaking streams. Any help!

Hi there, you do not need to use the adapter, as per our user manual you should only use it when the bath faucet is too close to the bath. Regarding the leak please make sure there is black washer inside and the adaptor is screwed in tightly. If we can help further please let us know

Do you deliver in muscat. If yes. how u charge or where can we get it in muscat oman.

you can find our product in all muscat pharmacies or visit our website and place an order and we will arrange for delivery within 3-4 working days. Whichever is more convenient for you.

What makes the Pure Blue Shower Filters better than other brands such as the Culligan WSH-C125 Filtered Showerhead, which costs only 30 USD vs 300 AED Pure Blue Filter

we specifically remove 98% of the chlorine from the water, whereas many filters either don’t mention how much chlorine they remove or if they do, it’s a statement rather than a tested fact where no proof can be provided. We have had our product tested by a laboratory approved by Dubai Municipality that confirms how much chlorine we remove. We understand the problem and have been helping our customers for over 9 years now.

Does it maintain water temperature too besides filtering?

rest assured to know that it will not effect your water temperature.

Is there any return policy on this product? Suppose we don't like this product can we return it in a week

there is a 30 day guarantee that if you don’t like the product for any reason you can return it and we will give you your money back. This is available for your peace of mind however we are confident you will love the product.

Does it have warranty?

Certainly. You can order via our website here: The Shower Purifier comes with a 2 year warranty, however, this does not cover the replacement cartridge which will need to be replaced every 6 months. This is the part which filters the water so it will collect the dirt and need to be replaced.

I have a problem of hair loss since i moved to Dubai. what could be the possible cause and treatment I can use?

there are a lot of causes. Firstly, living in hot climates causes our pores to open when sweating. This allows sand and dirt to be trapped in our hair follicles etc. then when we enter air conditioning our pores quickly close stopping hair from being able to grow. Secondly, the is the issue with the water pipelines containing sand, dirt and heavy metals. This fosters a lot of bacteria and the government has to inject a lot of chlorine to stop people getting sick. Similar to swimming pools. He problem with chlorine is that it drys out our hair and skin leaving it prone to breaking. It also froms a layer of grime on our hair and skin meaning it can’t absorb moisture which further adds to the problem. The solution is to remove the sand, dirt, metal, bacteria and most importantly chlorine from your water supply with a shower filter. This will leave your hair and skin moisturized and free from chemicals. This will not only stop hair from falling out but will actually encourage hair to regrow. Our shower filters are the only ones on the market which have been tested in a government laboratory to remove 98% of the chlorine. The most out of all competitors. This combined with a good diet and regular exercise will have you hair looking healthy again in no time

I had purchase earlier version of blu shower worth approx 350 aed....felt no change in the water quality

we are a different company to blu and use a complpletely different technology called KDF along with calcium sulphate to ensure you get the best results. Our shower purifier removes 98% of the Chlorine and other impurities from your water.

Apart from Chlorine does the Shower filter remove Chloramine as well?

our shower filter is specifically designed to remove exactly 98% of the chlorine from your showered water. Here in the region the facility management companies add alot of chlorine to kill the bacteria in our pipelines. They don’t add ammonia which then generates chloromines for us to be concerned about. You would first need to confirm with the facility management companies managing your building or villa compounds to ensure they are adding amonia, if so then a simple shower filter cannot remove chloromines, and if any company Gaurantees they remove this using carbon you have to be wary as carbon only works in cold water and not hot water, hence why our product is specifically designed to remove 98%of the chlorine. We use kdf which is a mixture of copper and zinc and high quality Calcium Sulphite to ensure we tackle the problem which is chlorine removal only.