6 thoughts on “PARTNERS OLD

    • admin says:

      Dear Ahmed
      Yes it should be available in Bin Sina pharmacies alternatively you can place order online and we can deliver it to you next day

  1. praveensinr says:

    Dear Ahmed,
    Please could you advise if the Shower Filter replacement cartridges are available in any Abu Dhabi Pharmacies or Beauty SPA? If Yes, Please name them.

    • admin says:

      Shower Filter replacement cartridges are available in Binsina pharmacies and Al Manara pharmacies in Abu Dhabi you can also place your order online and get it the next day

  2. shamma says:

    does the shower filter work with any type of shower head? or should i get the pure blue shower head in order to use the filter?
    and is the product available in pharmacies in dubai? if yes which pharmacy?

    • abdulnasir57 says:

      Hello Shamma,
      Its available in listed pharmacies and also online which is very convenient. I suggest you to buy it online. Should be delivered within 2 days.

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