What is the effect of chlorine on your hair

Normal unfiltered shower water contains a high concentration of Chlorine which crystallizes and grow in size overtime; weakening your hair and making it more susceptible to the formation of split ends. By removing chlorine and heavy metals you can prevent hair loss and restore your hair’s natural shine and texture.

How Do We remove Chlorine and other harmful chemicals

Pure Blue uses KDF 55 filter designed specifically for removing chlorine and water-soluble heavy metals in hot water. what separates us from other products in the market is effectively removing 98% of chlorine form tap water.

We do one thing and we do it well. We remove 98% of chlorine from your water


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Jessica Szymura Since moving to the UAE 18 months ago i have been experiencing terrible hair damage and hair fall. I bought this shower filter 6 months ago after trying 2 other brands and I’ve noticed my hair has now stopped falling out and feels much healthier. Definitely recommend trying this filter!

Jessica Szymura – UAE – Dubai



Ashley Werdenberg There are several filters in the market, but I stick to Pure Blue. It’s a great product to reduce harmful effects of the shower water. I’m glad I purchased it more than one year ago.

Ashley Werdenberg – UAE – Dubai



Karl Unwalla This is fantastic. It’s made such a huge difference. I literally don’t worry about damaged hair anymore.

Karl Unwalla – UAE – Dubai



Shower Filter Shower Filter

Shower Filter


  • 98% Reduction in exposure to chlorine and other harmful chemicals.
  • Softer, healthier hair by preserving it’s natural moisturising oils
  • Younger, radiant looking skin, protected from rashes and the appearance of wrinkles
  • Reduced risk of asthma and bronchitis caused by chlorine inhalation.
  • Combats Alopecia.
  • Decreased risk of bladder and breast cancer.
  • Higher energy levels due to the absence of energy sapping Chlorine.

The Shower Purifier package includes:

  • Chrome Plated Housing.
  • 1 Shower Filter Cartridge.
  • Adjustable Brass Ball Joint Connector.
  • Angle Adapter.
  • Detailed user manual.

Ergonomic design maintains your existing shower pressure and blends in seamlessly with your existing bathroom fixtures.

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