Pure Blue Package Deal – 15% off (2 Shower Filter and 2 Replacement Cartridge)

AED 896.00 AED 760.00

2 Shower Filter and 2 Replacement Cartridge

Pure Blue Shower Filter × 2

Stronger, Healthier Hair and Skin with Pure Blue shower filter

Avoid hair thinning, hair loss, itchy scalp, skin damage, and excessive skin drying.
Designed specifically for GCC, Pure blue is the only shower filter in the market that truly removes 98% of chlorine and hardness impurities from shower water (See Test Certificate).
The result is pure soft water for softer, shinier hair and glowing, moisturized skin.

Free Delivery Within UAE City Limits.

Shower Filter Replacement Cartridge × 2

Pure Blue Shower Filter Replacement Cartridge ensures your shower water remains pure and 98% Chlorine free. This cartridge lasts up to 6 months, based on 2 showers per day. Replacing the filter is quick, easy and requires no special tools..

You need to purchase the Shower Purifier (PBA 0405) before purchasing this product.

Free Delivery within UAE City Limits for orders greater than 220AED (2 Cartridges or more).