Why a shower filter is a must with children

Children have thinner skin than adults, and their immune systems aren’t thoroughly developed, so they aren’t as well-equipped to deal with the irritants in their environments. Ironically, the very things you use in your bathroom to clean your children, such as your shower water, bubble bath, or soaps, are usually the leading cause of skin irritation.

Chlorine reaction is widespread in infants, and it may include itchy red skin, or hives (itchy bumps). Chlorine is also drying to the skin and can irritate existing dermatitis. 

Chlorine vapor, which is inhaled during a shower, can lead to symptoms that are similar to asthma, such as coughing and wheezing. 

Pure Blue shower filter truly removes 98% of chlorine from your shower water (See Test Certificate), so you and your precious little ones can enjoy pure, soft, chlorine-free water.

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Don’t just take our 
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We have thousands of Parents in GCC who use Pure Blue shower every day.

Here’s what they have to say.

Highly Recommended

I started using the Pure Blue shower filter for my newborn’s bath when she was one month old and noticed a big difference to her sensitive skin right away. Highly recommend for babies and kids, it really does help! Very easy to install as well.

Shanon / Facebook

Loving it

İ just got the product to use it for showering my baby. So far i am loving it. The service is good, you get the delivery the next day.

Defne / Online shop

A must have for parents

I recently had a baby and I only bath her in water that has been through the pure blue. it also helped me recover my hair significantly. I wish I had known about it sooner.

Jo / Online Shop

AED 313.00 All Prices include VATRead more