1. Chlorine weakens your hair treatment:  When chlorine is paired with hair treatments and dyes, hair can become extremely dry, porous, and brittle.
  2. Chlorine exposure causes hair thinning which eventually leads to hair loss
  3. Chlorinated water makes your hair repel each other which can lead to hair loss.
  4. Chlorine can cause Split ends and make the hair become clumpy.

Pure Blue shower filter – The Perfect hair loss treatment companion 

Hair loss can be caused by many factors such as diet, vitamin deficiency, DHT, hereditary, etc and hair treatment regimen should be based on the cause (read more). However you can be assured that whatever hair loss treatment option is used it will be greatly enhance with soft, pure water.   

Pure Blue shower filter truly removes 98% of chlorine and hardness impurities from you shower water (See Test Certificate) so you can enjoy pure, soft, chlorine free water. 

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We have thousands of customers in GCC who use Pure Blue shower every day.

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A must have

This product is a life savior, it reduced my hair loss since i started using it. Even noticed a big change in the quality of my skin.
It is a must have product for every house in Dubai.

khaled moustafa / Online shop

Wouldn’t live without it

A friend suggested I use this on my shower and unlike most products that promise and don’t deliver, this actually worked. Hair loss has stopped. Wouldn’t live without it.

Ayman Fattal / Online shop

highly recommend it

am using this product since 2017, the shower filter helped me to prevent the hair loss, i highly recommend this product for your hair and skin problems. Cheers

UJWAL / Online Shop

AED 313.00 All Prices include VATRead more

product DETAILS