Pure Blue Shower Filter
Pure Blue Shower Filter
Pure Blue Shower Filter


  • Softer, healthier hair by preserving it's natural moisturising oils
  • Younger, radiant looking skin, protected from rashes and the appearance of wrinkles
  • 98% Reduction in exposure to chlorine and other harmful chemicals.
  • Reduced risk of asthma and bronchitis caused by chlorine inhalation.
  • Combats Alopecia.
  • Decreased risk of bladder and breast cancer.
  • Higher energy levels due to the absence of energy sapping Chlorine.

The Shower Purifier package includes:

  • Chrome Plated Housing.
  • 1 Shower Filter Cartridge.
  • Adjustable Brass Ball Joint Connector.
  • Angle Adapter.
  • Detailed user manual.

Ergonomic design maintains your existing shower pressure and blends in seamlessly with your existing bathroom fixtures.

When you register, we automatically activate your warranty and send reminders to your registered email address.

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Shower Filter Replacement Cartridge
Shower Filter Replacement Cartridge
Shower Filter Replacement Cartridge

Model: PBA 0406

You need to purchase the Shower Purifier (PBA 0405) before purchasing this product.

The replacement filter lasts up to 6 months based on 2 average length showers a day.

Once you register your email address with us, your warranty will be activated.

We will send you periodic email reminders to ensure you have a constant supply of replacement filters when needed. We also offer an auto-shipping feature if more convenient.

Free Delivery within UAE City Limits for orders greater than 220AED (2 Cartridges or more).

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