Handheld Showers


H2O Pure Blue’s Water Saving Shower heads save you water, energy and money, yet provide you with the luxurious showering experience you desire by maintaining your PRESSURE.

The traditional and flow regulated handheld showers still use far too much water. H2O Pure Blue not only offers a uniquely designed and manufactured handheld shower range of products, but still contains lighter, softer water droplets that break on impact against the skin. This provides you with a better and improved showering experience without wasting any more water.

By using our patented designed aerated handheld showering products you no longer need to worry about your shower curtain sticking to your body whilst showering.
Air is inhaled into the water stream through a venturi device at the base of the handle to create a mix of water and air.
This mixture increases the pressure inside the body of the shower head causing turbulence and spins the water molecules that are injected with air at high speed.
Pressurised spa like shower spray gives an enjoyable full flow performance, delivering up to 50% savings of water whilst maintaining the pressure.

Tap Aerators

What is a Tap Aerator?


Tap aerators are great products that can lower water consumption whilst maintaining the pressure. They are known as flow minimisers. The aerator is a small attachment that fits to the end of the tap that controls the amount of water flow through the tap without affecting your water pressure.

So why isn’t water pressure affected by tap aerators? This is because aerators work by pushing air through the water, giving the same feeling of pressure as you would otherwise get. If you’re washing your hands, you wouldn’t notice the difference in pressure at all but if you are filling the sink to wash dishes, it would take
twice as long.

Using Aerators

Tap aerators can be installed on most sink taps, however, our recommendations for the most practical places to use them are in the bathroom sinks where you are often turning your taps on and off to wash your hands and face, brushing your teeth etc.

Installing Aerators

Aerators are easy to install and extremely affordable with a fast return on investment.

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