Water pressure is a term used to describe the flow strength of water through a pipe or other type of channel. Indoor plumbing has made water pressure an indispensable part of life for many places throughout the world, however, many may not understand how it works, or how it can be improved.

Water pressure depends on water flow. The more water being pushed through a pipe, the more pressure there will be naturally. Many people prefer high water pressure to low water pressure, as faucet valves and other tools can help maintain the flow of water at a lower rate.

However, if it is too low, there is little that can be done to improve water pressure. As a result of this preference for higher water pressure, most people only become consciously aware of water pressure when it is no longer available. Fortunately, for those dealing with H2O Pure Blue Products can now have peace of mind that the water pressure will always be maintained whilst saving upto 50% of the water being used.

With H2O Pure Blue you don’t need to sacrifice performance to save water. Save up to 50% water consumption whilst maintaining a full flow shower.

By choosing H2O Pure Blue products your water pressure in your shower will always be maintained. Other brands use flow regulators or reducers that reduce water and pressure significantly. H2O Pure Blue has a unique product range that helps you save up to 50% less water and energy without sacrificing on your water pressure.


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