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Make Mine A Combo: The Case For A Shower Filter Combonimation

Best Shower Filter Combo

Time in Dubai moves faster. Self-care often needs to be scheduled and allotted time in our busy everyday lives. That’s why I’ve decided to start being the combo guy my mum would be proud of! And since this is the Pure Blue blog, allow me to talk about shower filter combos.

When I say shower filter combo, I mean it in broad terms. I’m talking about any brand (or in this particular case, ours!) offering me a bundle offer, a complimentary product at a discount, or a complete shower filter combo to upgrade my showers to become a self-care haven and wash Dubai off me after a long day.  

The hesitant shopper I am, I remember when I first joined the Pure Blue team, I immediately got myself a filter. And within a week, I regretted my indecisive nature. I could have saved myself a bit of AEDs because I ended up eventually creating my own shower filter combo without the savings. Now that I’d gotten rid of that smelly chlorine, I wanted better pressure, I wanted better flow, I wanted to luxuriate in my showers a bit more. To the sceptics out there: ignore my implicit bias for Pure Blue and apply this to any brand you trust in the UAE or GCC. 

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get into it!

1- Savings 

Okay, this is the obvious one. Bundle up to save more. Filter companies operating around the UAE will often help you save more with offers. When you trust them, just pull the trigger. You’ll save twice. Once on the reduced price of the product and again on shipping! Never forget to factor in the shipping (another gem from my mum). For Pure Blue, you can get your Perfect Shower Pack and save if you need a trusty shower head, the Family Pack if you want a filter in two bathrooms, the Shattaf set for a great head matched with an amazing hose, or the super obvious savings one that is the pack of three refill cartridges. 

2- Made for Each Other 

A lot of products simply work best together. Take my shower for example. The upgrade I was talking about earlier included a shower filter last year, cartridges in the months to follow, then a hand held shower head in May, and then a hose last week. Having a complete shower set from one place would have meant savings plus the same warranty assurance and the same quality from the beginning! 

3- Convenience 

Lastly, it’s just convenient to get a spa-like shower set up in one go. I had about six months of mulling till I did the right thing for my shower. So save yourself from visiting shop after shop. Don’t calculate amount after amount (and don’t forget the shipping). Just find a trusty brand and jump on that set or bundle that completes your self care needs. 


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