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From Bulky to Blissful: The Evolution of Shower Filters

evolution of shower filters

The Evolution of Shower Filters: Do you remember when shower filters seemed to be exclusive to only people with big budgets? Shower filters seemed like grandiose contraptions that only luxury bathers with golden duckies could afford. They were big, bulky, and stood out in any bathroom. Not to mention how expensive each different type of shower filter was.

Today filters come in all shapes, sizes, styles, and designs, catering to every taste and bathroom decor. What’s more important is how specialised they have become today too, it’s no longer one size fits all. Just like we crafted and tailored Pure Blue filters for GCC and UAE water specifically, other filters are also designed to tackle different aspects.

Most popular in the UAE now are chlorine-targeting ones – and those vary in efficacy and longevity as well as other materials also filtered. Fun fact, Pure Blue was the first UAE-based filter company to enter the market! Other types of specialised filters include the hard-water-only ones that take on metals and minerals, basic sediment catchers, and the newest fad aroma and vitamin infusers – most of which we find quite questionable in their science at the moment.

What they all have in common now is their evolution. They keep getting smaller and more efficient. Installing one no longer feels like preparing for a home invasion but rather becoming closer to a soothing spa-like experience.

The evolution of shower filters is a testament to human ingenuity and our undying desire for better, more accessible solutions. We’ve come a long way from the clunky, intimidating filters of the past. At Pure Blue we believe we have solved a very specific issue facing many homes in the Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, and Oman. We tackled hair and skin-damaging chlorine in the most modern way and we revel in the convenience, aesthetics, and effectiveness of the modern shower filter we created. So go ahead, embrace the change, and let your showers be transformed from mundane to magnificent – because you deserve nothing less than a blissful cascade of clean, refreshing water.

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