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Earth Day Update: Message From Our Founder

Earth Day Message From Our Founder Sahar Davodi

We’ve created Pure Blue Solutions to be a simple answer to hair loss, dry problematic skin, and needlessly suffering from hair and scalp problems. The fact that we’re essentially a shower filter that focuses on health and beauty has never stopped us from also caring about the impact of our products on the environment.  Today, […]


WORLD WATER DAY - h2o pure blue shower filter

Every year, World Water Day comes around and we’re reminded of the importance of water in our lives. I’m also reminded of how fortunate we are that our water problems pale in comparison to those of millions around the world.  World Water Day is centred around “accelerating change,” it’s always a good moment to reflect […]

How this Poisonous Gas is Both Friend and Foe

Shower Filter Benefits

Shower filter benefits may vary from one person to another. However, a good one will always turn this foe into a friend in anyone’s mind. The fact is chlorine is essentially at most a poisonous gas, and at best a serious irritant. But that’s why we love it! Chlorine is an undeniably beneficial, and even […]

Cold Shower Benefits: Cold Showers Vs. Hot Showers

Cold Shower Benefits: Cold Showers Vs. Hot Showers

Many of us can agree that a nice hot shower is something we look forward to every day. However standing relaxed under those steamy and soothing droplets of water may be leaving us oblivious to the benefits of cold showers. Read on to find out why it might be a better idea to slightly turn […]