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How Pure Blue Has Created a Complete Eco-conscious Shower System

Eco-conscious Shower System

There’s always been a push and pull between comfort and being eco-conscious. The two used to rarely meet. And if they did, the product would certainly not be affordable. I believe that’s all changing now with the advent of technology. 

Coupled with consumer demand for more eco-friendly output, our capability to make more sustainable products has drastically increased. And at Pure Blue, we have been dedicated to always paying attention and doing the research in order to make our shower filters and packaging as sustainable as possible.

Take for example our packaging. We’re currently on our third packaging redesign! While yes, it does cost us a bit to implement such a change, in the long run it’s totally worth it. With each round of packaging update, we’ve improved. Our boxes are now 100% certified recycled material and are smaller, using less material more efficiently. 

As for our filters themselves, being eco-friendly was always a founding cornerstone of Pure Blue. Our choice of using KDF 55 to clear out chlorine not only gave us the efficacy of 98% but also enabled us to have a fully recyclable cartridge. Its design enables customers to simply pop the end out, empty out its content, and chuck the cartridge in the recycling! What’s more, the internal material can be used as plant fertilizer. It’s a win for sustainability.

In later years, we also started developing even more shower accessories to have a full line that makes for an eco-conscious shower system. Our line of showerheads is designed to save water while still being able to enjoy a luxurious shower. our Eco-conscious Shower System saves three times the amount of water in a shower in fact. They push the water out through an ionizing process, increasing the pressure of less water while also energising you. We were keen on perfecting our showerheads to become durable to produce less waste in the planet. We are now confident enough to offer a lifetime warranty on them. 

It has not been an easy journey, but through research and commitment, we can all get closer to creating a world where sustainable shower systems, and products in general, can be ecologically sound and also contribute to our comfort. For us at Pure Blue, the gap between the two is certainly getting smaller. And we’re only getting started! 

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