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Our Pledge on World Environment Day

World Environment Day-Pure Blue Shower Filters

I know that special days like World Environment Day and World Oceans Day seem to come around every week in Dubai, but this one is very special to my heart and to the founding of Pure Blue shower filters.

When I founded Pure Blue, my mission was simple. I wanted to help others like me who truly suffered totally avoidable hair loss in Dubai by providing a really affordable shower filter. However, from the start, we understood our limitations as a homegrown, local, Dubai-based brand. We would never reach the level of savings in manufacturing and packaging that’s afforded to mega-corporations. 

Despite this, my passion for helping the environment was always in the front seat along for the entire ride. So, against best advice to cut corners and increase our revenue, we always insisted on being as sustainable as possible in all our packaging and our internal practices at Pure Blue. 

So yes, these days do come around. But World Environment Day for us isn’t another corporation jumping on a trend. World Environment Day for me is a day where the world takes a second to look at how we can all improve what we do for the betterment of the planet. 

I’m not here to say we are a role model of sustainability and toot our own horn… Instead, on this occasion, I’m here to renew our pledge to continue to do better for the world. To start, all our packaging continues to be 100% made from certified recycled material – without transferring the cost of this certification to our customers. 

We are constantly learning about new ways to bridge the gap between sustainability and affordability. I believe that the more we work together to achieve this, the day will come where sustainable products and packaging no longer carry a premium price tag. 

Keep supporting brands who do better. Keep shopping local.

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