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Safe Showers, Healthy Start: Why Expectant Mothers Need Shower Filters

Safe showers during pregnancy

Safe showers during pregnancy:

Pregnancy is one of the most anticipated moments in women’s life and a preparation for the new role. You are preparing yourself and your home for tiny one’s arrival, from the room of the baby to prenatal supplements. But have you thought about the water which you wash with in the shower? Shower water that has not been filtered can have some hidden dangers that could affect you and your developing baby. Safe showers during pregnancy are important.

Chlorine, which is present in tap water as a disinfectant, will upset the natural skin balance and dry your skin out. This can be particularly embarrassing especially for pregnant women who are most likely to undergo hormonal changes that cause sensitivity to the skin. Also, one can find small quantities of heavy metals and other unwanted additives that are capable of causing irritation and other health issues.

How to make sure, showers during pregnancy are safe:

Selecting a shower filter can be a great investment when such a time comes. Thus, shower filters help in eliminating these impurities to produce a soft and safe showering during pregnancy. Washing with filtered water washes clean, the skin becomes supple and moisturized. This could ease the experience and eliminate irritation giving you a much more comfortable pregnancy. So, seize the control and offer both you and your baby the gift of safe water starting from the next shower.

In a nutshell: Take safe showers during pregnancy.

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