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WORLD WATER DAY - h2o pure blue shower filter

Every year, World Water Day comes around and we’re reminded of the importance of water in our lives. I’m also reminded of how fortunate we are that our water problems pale in comparison to those of millions around the world. 

World Water Day is centred around “accelerating change,” it’s always a good moment to reflect on what we can do individually to start affecting more global goals. 

At Pure Blue, we have been working towards the goal of protecting water for generations to come since 2008. 

Play your part, do what you can. 

Our shower filter is our flagship product, The Pure Blue filter that removes impurities and chemicals from shower water, in this context is considered a luxury and a health and beauty product. That’s why, we’re always paired it with a product mix that is aimed at reducing water waste in showers and bathrooms, while still being able to luxuriate in the blessing that is clean, running water. 

World Water Day states “play your part, do what you can” on their website. And that’s been a firm belief here at Pure Blue since the start. We’ve always manufactured our high-pressure ionic handheld shower head to provide customers with uncompromisingly excellent showers that do in fact save three times the amount of water than regular showers. This goes to show that sustainable means of living do not mean solutions are hard, but rather that smart ones are all around us if we try. 

The benefits of switching to a high-pressure shower head cascade down from saving water in showers to savings on water bill and using less heating power, making it an excellent investment for both the environment and your wallet.

On World Water Day with water scarcity becoming an even more increasingly urgent issue globally, we all need to remember to do our part in managing and protecting our precious water resources. That’s why today, we’d like to announce our upcoming line of products designed with sustainability in mind and made to save even more water in more ways. 

Pure Blue will be announcing a line of shower heads that fit into all of our customer’s showers, not just the handheld ones. So look out for those if you’re looking to pamper yourselves with unbeatable showers while reducing your water-usage drastically. Pure Blue has also partnered up with Loch to provide an easy solution to needless single plastic use when drinking water on the go. Available is our collaboration bottle that will keep drinks cold for 12 hours and hot for 24. It is the bottle that will cut down on plastic water bottles and flimsy paper cups. We’ve also improved our high-pressure handheld shower showerhead to save even more water. So look out for those and more soon. 

On this World Water Day, let’s all take a moment to appreciate the importance of water and commit to doing our part in managing and protecting this precious resource in every sustainable, small or big way we can.  

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