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5 Tips To Help You Maintain Your Water Filter at a Snap

Water Filter Maintenance

Maintenance is key to any product’s effectiveness. And water filter maintenance is no different. Changing your filter cartridge is of course at the centre of its continued benefits, but that’s not the full story. 

Here are five tips that will help you make the most of your shower filters by getting you more familiar with your cartridge itself as it is at the core of water filter maintenance.

  1. Be aware of your water usage
    Cartridges come with a lifespan that is calculated based on specific usage times or shower durations. So if it says three or four months, and you like to draw baths or you live with three family members, then you have to take into account how often your cartridge is getting used, and adjust how often you change it. 
  2. Check for debris
    Water filter maintenance includes a periodic checking in. Try to every so often pop your filter open and have a look. Sometimes, accumulated substances build up inside and at others, pieces of debris get caught in there. Make it a habit to check inside and give the filter and cartridge a little rinse.
  3. Avoid cleaning with harmful chemicals
    Filters have a delicate balance of ingredients and materials that can often be altered or have their lifespan shortened through the good intentions of intense cleaning. Make sure the chemicals in your cleaning detergents of choice aren’t incompatible with your filter and its contents.
  4. Pay attention to flow
    If you’ve noticed a worsened water flow from your shower filter, then maybe it’s time to change its cartridge. As water contents may differ from one day to the other, sometimes filter cartridges get used up quicker or are filled with larger matter, causing it to weaken your shower flow.
  5. Get reminders!
    We’ve found that the best way to not over use your filter cartridge is by setting reminders to check and change them. Use your phone, a calendar, or set or get email reminders. By checking on the cartridge health before its changing date, you’re ahead of the game with perfectly filtered water at all times.

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