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How this Poisonous Gas is Both Friend and Foe

Shower Filter Benefits

Shower filter benefits may vary from one person to another. However, a good one will always turn this foe into a friend in anyone’s mind. The fact is chlorine is essentially at most a poisonous gas, and at best a serious irritant. But that’s why we love it!

Chlorine is an undeniably beneficial, and even vital, part of our everyday lives. Thanks to its sanitizing and preserving qualities, it has saved us from bacteria and algae build up and has enabled water to remain clean up to the point it reaches our taps. 

In its industrial form, exposure to chlorine can cause coughing, nausea, vomiting. In gas form it can cause chest pains, and burning pain, redness, and blisters. These are all desired effects when we want to tackle harmful living organisms lurking in water. However, the thought of this stuff touching my skin, even in its current super-diluted form in shower water, makes my skin… well it makes my skin crawl. 

The health benefits of a chlorine-free shower should be clear as day and instinctual at this point. But it’s not that simple. I’m thankful we live in a society where we are taken care of with clean, sanitary water. We need this harmful chemical to do its job, but what we don’t need is having it on our skin and drying up our hair. That’s why, the best way to intercept chlorine’s interaction with our bodies is not at the source, but rather in our home source: the tap. Shower filter benefits begin with the fact that you are taking matters into your own hands once you receive this ‘disinfected’ water and rehabilitating it from sanitizing chemicals (and more!) to be suitable for our skin. 

Shower filter benefits are for everyone. However, they are especially evident when looking at sensitive skin and when monitoring hair loss. Even if your skin isn’t sensitive per say, skin health benefits of a chlorine-free shower are tangible almost immediately as you feel less dryness and itchiness in general. As for hair, for the average person for instance, you may not notice it right away, but regular exposure to chlorine will weaken hair follicles to the point of actual, noticeable hair loss. The same applies to dandruff too. These pesky flakes may sometimes simply be a result of a dried scalp. Just think of your hair texture after a day at the pool!

Meanwhile, especially as a fan of hot showers, I’ve become extremely aware of the steam I breathe in during my showers. Every time I imagine our precious, gaseous friend chlorine evaporating into steam that I casually breathe in, I immediately check the date for my filter upkeep. I could be alone in this… but at this point, shower filter benefits have officially been extended from my skin, to my hair, to my mental health and peace of mind.  

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