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Why Pure Blue is the Most Convenient Shower Filter in the UAE

Bathroom Shower Filter in Dubai, UAE

Pure Blue isn’t the first bathroom or shower filter on the market. And it certainly isn’t the last. However, we’re the UAE’s favourite. So what makes Pure Blue’s bathroom and shower filter so convenient? 

Where it goes…

First, we’ve designed our product to be a bathroom and shower filter. Meaning, it’s designed to fit almost anywhere. Thanks to its small size, you can twist on your filter on any tap, a large sink, the shower, and even the kitchen sink. 

It’s all about the twists

After many trials and errors, we’ve perfected the Pure Blue filter to simply twist. User convenience was the most valuable feedback we received in early days of product research. We found out that users found filters that require professional help in installation and recharge to be too cumbersome and they often procrastinated maintenance, recharge and even installation itself. Our twist on mechanism makes it a filter that you install yourself with ease. Further, when you need to recharge the refill cartridge, twist off the filter in the centre, insert your new cartridge, and we’re done. 

Seriously universal design

It is very rare to have a filter company include freebies with its product. Not only does Pure Blue not have hidden fees like installation charges and more, we also include an angled adapter as well as a carry pouch for the filter. The angled adapter enables our users to be able to install their filter even in the tightest of spaces for no extra charge. This is taking ‘universal design’ to a whole new level like no other filter in the UAE. This is while our pouch makes it neat and nifty to carry your filters whenever you leave the Emirates.  

Serious savings too

Never discount the power of a homegrown brand. Being a UAE-based brand, Pure Blue is able to remain truly competitive even though our filter technology includes KDF55 from the USA and calcium sulfite from Japan. In addition to our affordable pricing of our patented technology, we also offer our customers plenty of savings on refill cartridges through bundles and subscription models. And this is often a trap set up by companies, where your initial purchase is relatively cheap but then you’re held hostage to exuberant prices for subsequent buys. 

So there you have it, this is how we remain competitive and sustain growth. It is largely thanks to you, our customers. You help us grow. If you’re enjoying your Pure Blue experience, please help us grow and leave us an honest review. The more we grow, the more affordable our prices for you become. 

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