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Best Hair Loss Treatments for Females

Best Hair Loss Treatments

There’s nothing scarier than combing your fingers through your hair in the shower to find stray strands stuck between your fingers. Hair loss is completely normal to some extent and becomes more natural as we age, but there are some situations in which hair loss requires more attention, care, and treatment. We’ll discuss them today, as well as the best hair loss treatments for females.

What Causes Hair Loss in Females

As we mentioned, moderate hair loss is extremely normal; it’s when you’re losing a handful at a time that you should start to be concerned.

Here are some common causes of hair loss to try to avoid:

  • Aging
  • Hereditary conditions
  • Excessive exposure to chlorine
  • Tight hairstyles
  • Chemical hair treatments
  • Radiation therapy
  • Stressful situations
  • Certain medications
  • Hormonal imbalances

Hair Loss Treatments for Females

If you’ve noticed your hair loss coincides with any of the above events, it might be time to look into some effective hair loss treatments.

Keep Your Hair Loose

As silly as it sounds, sometimes the easiest solution is to stop pulling your hair back into extremely tight ponytails and buns.

Avoid Heat and Chemical Treatments

Blow dryers, hair straighteners, and Keratin treatments can damage your hair. Not only does excessive exposure to heat and harmful chemicals lead to split ends but you may notice considerable hair loss over time.

Light Therapy

Light therapy – often referred to as laser therapy – irradiates photons into scalp tissues that are absorbed by weak cells to encourage hair growth.

Studies found that when mixed with other hair care treatments such as minoxidil, low-level light therapy was effective in helping to recover hairs.

Hair Loss Products

From shampoos to creams and moisturizers, there’s a full range of hair care products that are specially made to treat hair loss. Look for active ingredients of tea tree oil or coconut oil as they really accelerate hair growth and help keep your hair moisturized.

Introducing Pure Blue

The most important thing your hair needs is clean, filtered water. Most shower water comes loaded with chlorine and harmful metals, so we highly recommend purifying your water with an effective shower filter. By installing a Pure Blue shower filter you can eliminate 98% of the chlorine and toxins in your shower water, ensuring the water you shower in is clean and free of impurities, leaving your hair moisturized and healthy, and most importantly, less likely to fall out.

While most causes of hair loss are treatable, don’t wait until your hair falls out to start giving it the attention it deserves. Make your hair care a priority today.

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