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Curly Hair Routine – 3 Steps to Beautiful Locks

Curly Hair Routine

If you were born with curly hair, you know that maintaining it requires a lot of time and effort. But when you get those gorgeous locks just right, it all becomes worth it. In this post, we’re sharing some easy steps to follow for the perfect curly hairdo, that will make you pack up your straightening iron for good.

Curly Hair Routine

From the way you moisturize and dry your hair to the beauty products and shower water you use, here are some easy steps to follow for the perfect natural curly hair.

1. Moisturize

Maintaining curly hair requires more moisture than straight hair, and often requires certain types of hair care products, be it frizz or damage control. Some shampoos and conditioners strip your hair of the natural oils it produces, leading to excess dryness, and in some cases itchy and flaky scalp. Make sure you read the labels for sketchy ingredients or simply select a shampoo and facemask that was created specifically for curly hair.

Suffering from flaky scalp? Check out some home remedies for flaky scalp.

2. Style Your Hair While It’s Wet

Mousse and curl-styling hair products are great for defining your curls, but avoid a dry frizzy mess by styling your hair while it’s still wet. If you’re worried about going out in the cold or sleeping right after your shower, towel dry it by wrapping a soft towel around your hair for about 10 minutes before styling it. As long as it’s still damp, the products should still work like magic.

3. Avoid Heat

Everything from a blow dryer to a hair straightener can damage your curls little by little. Excessive use of heat on your hair will eventually lead to split ends and your curls falling flat. Avoid using heat treatments on your hair whenever possible.

Introducing Pure Blue

The most important thing your curly hair routine needs is pure water. Most shower water comes loaded with chlorine and harmful metals, so we highly recommend purifying your water. By installing a Pure Blue shower filter you can eliminate 98% of the chlorine and toxins in your shower water, ensuring the water you shower in is clean and free of impurities, leaving your hair moisturized and healthy.

Keeping your curls healthy and bouncy doesn’t have to be a chore. With the right hair care and styling products and purified water, you’ll wish you never bought a hair straightener to begin with!

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