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Skincare Gift Ideas and The Secret to Soft Skin

Skincare Gift Ideas

Dry or irritated skin is a common problem for both men and women, especially in dry and cold climates. Whether you’re getting a gift for yourself or your loved ones, you can never go wrong with the right skincare products. Here are some genius skincare gift ideas to help refresh, moisturize and rejuvenate dry or damaged skin.

Causes of Dry Skin

Before we get into the great ideas, it’s important to discuss some of the causes of dry skin. You may have skin conditions that you might not have been aware of or that can potentially be exacerbated by some skincare solutions.

  • Cold and dry weather
  • Hot water
  • Dehydration
  • Aging
  • Chlorinated water
  • Rashes, eczema, and other skin conditions

If it’s a simple case of dry skin that can be managed at home, check out some easy home remedies for face dryness. Or you can give the perfect gift by offering something everyone needs: the perfect skincare.

Skincare Gift Ideas

Skincare products come in a variety of options – toners, creams, masks, the list goes on. But what’s important is what’s inside of them. Beauty products usually come loaded with unfamiliar ingredients. We’re here to tell you which ones to focus on for the best skincare.

Coconut Oil

From scalp relief to body oil, coconut oil is practically a magic ingredient in a lot of skincare products. It’s so safe, that you can cook with it! Don’t underestimate the soothing and moisturizing effects it can have on dry skin.

SPF Moisturizer

You can never go wrong with the most basic gift that everyone can use. Regardless of age, gender, and preference, everyone can benefit from a daily moisturizer that includes just the right amount of SPF. Aim for at least SPF 30 to retain moisture and help your loved ones practice the safest skin care measures.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has an amazing reputation for being an active ingredient in making people look and feel their best. You can find Aloe Vera in a number of lotions, lip balms, and even after-sun treatment.

Coffee Scrub

You heard that right! Coffee isn’t just for drinking. A rough and moisturizing coffee scrub is the perfect way to remove dry and damaged skin. Gift your friends a tube of coffee grounds with a post-scrub lotion and watch as their skin transforms.

Shower Filter

Here’s the secret you soft skin that you’ve all been waiting for! Most of our shower water is contaminated with chlorine and other harmful minerals. By giving your loved ones a Pure Blue shower filter you can help eliminate 98% of the chlorine and toxins in their shower water and give the gift of soft and moisturized skin.

Whether you’re gifting yourself or your friends and family a skincare set, a simple bottle of body cream, or a revolutionary shower filter, they will surely appreciate their new and improved healthy skin.

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