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Bath vs Shower – Are Baths Better Than Showers?

Bath vs Shower - Are Baths Better Than Showers?

Are you the type of person to jump in for a quick 5-minute shower before work, or do you prefer a long hot bath in the evening before bed? Both methods of bathing have their benefits and downsides. Here’s what you should know.

Do Baths or Showers Clean Better

Many of us can agree that showers are cleaner than baths. Despite being in the water for longer, baths require you to sit in a clogged bathtub, filled with the water used to wash the dirt off your body. If you don’t rinse off in clean water afterward, you’re allowing the dirt to re-attach to your skin and dry up.

Showers, on the other hand, are taken with an even distribution of running water. Whether you’re using a rain shower, high-pressure showerhead, or a shower filter, the water runs from your head down to your body, washing away all the dirt to the shower floor.

Advantages of Taking Baths

Showers may be cleaner, but baths also have some advantages. If you’ve sat in a hot bath after a long day, you are well aware of its healing powers and therapeutic effect. Taking a bath, especially in warm water can help you relax when you’re tense and unwind when you’re stressed.

Ice cold baths are also known to moderate your heart rate and accelerate muscle recovery after an intense workout or long run. Additionally, using certain bath salts or natural ingredients in your bath water can do wonders for your skin.

Advantages of Taking Showers

Baths may be the more comfortable choice, but don’t underestimate the rejuvenating effects of a warm shower after a long day. Generally, showers help you relax, can regulate your mood, and sometimes act as natural sleeping aids.

Showers also use much less water. While a full bathtub can require about 70 gallons of water, not including the water needed to rinse off afterward, shower water used is calculated per minute. Water waste can easily be avoided by simply cutting down the time spent in the shower.

Showers are known to help improve your circulation, allowing enough blood to flow to your scalp and your cells to regenerate. This results in healthier and shinier hair and skin.

Keep Your Baths & Showers Clean

Whether you enjoy taking baths or showers, installing a Pure Blue shower filter can help eliminate 98% of the chlorine and toxins in your water, so you can rest assured the water you shower in is clean and free of impurities.

Both baths and showers have their advantages and disadvantages. Whichever option you choose on any given day, it’s important to make your health and the health of the planet a priority.

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