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Bath vs Shower – Are Baths Better Than Showers?

Bath vs Shower - Are Baths Better Than Showers?

Are you the type of person to jump in for a quick 5-minute shower before work, or do you prefer a long hot bath in the evening before bed? Both methods of bathing have their benefits and downsides. Here’s what you should know. Do Baths or Showers Clean Better Many of us can agree that […]

Does Chlorine Cause Hair Loss? What Chlorine Does to Your Hair

Does Chlorine Cause Hair Loss

With summer in full swing, most of us can be found lounging by the pool and taking frequent dips to cool down. However, these attempts to stay refreshed may have left your hair discolored, dry and have you wondering if chlorine will eventually lead to permanent hair loss.   Does Chlorine Cause Hair Loss? Chlorine […]

The Effects of Chlorinated Water on Hair (and how to combat them!)

How much do you know about chlorine, really? Most of us associate the chemical with swimming pools during summer, but it usually doesn’t go farther than that. Chlorine is found in a lot of everyday places, such as paper, textiles, paint, insecticides, and even medicines and drinking water. In bodies of water such as pools, […]

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