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Best Shower Filter for Hair Loss: What to Look for When Buying One

Best Shower Filter for Hair Loss: What to Look for When Buying One

Have you ever gently combed your fingers through your hair, only to find that you’ve pulled out what looks like a large chunk of it? Unfortunately, hair loss is something many men and women of all ages deal with. However, by changing the quality of your shower water, you can reduce or avoid hair loss.

What Causes Hair Loss

Hair loss can be caused by many things, including hormonal imbalances or, in one way or another, too much chlorine and the lack of proper treatment. It’s important to pinpoint the cause in order to find the appropriate solution.


Hereditary hair loss accounts for a majority of hair loss cases worldwide. Also known as androgenic alopecia, it is found in both men and women and occurs when the genes that cause our hair follicles to grow, actually make them begin to shrink, and stop growing hair.



It’s very common that a medicine you’re taking can lead to side effects such as hair loss. If you have reason to believe so, research the ingredients and consult with your doctor.

From pollution, to weather conditions, there are several other factors that contribute to hair loss. If you live in the GCC, here are some to keep an eye out for.


Best Shower Filter for Hair Loss

What makes a shower filter good for hair loss? Simply taking these points into consideration when buying and installing a shower filter can help you avoid hair loss.


It Eliminates Pollution from Your Water

Your hair contains a natural protein that contributes to fueling hair growth. However, when you’re constantly exposed to air pollution or water pollution, your scalp’s ability to produce more slows down tremendously.


It Eliminates Minerals & Heavy Metals

The different minerals and impurities contained in your shower water can easily be the biggest issue. These include iron, calcium, and many more that can be causing breakage and your hair to fall out.


It Reduces Chlorine

Many believe chlorine doesn’t actually lead to hair loss, but excess exposure to it, coupled with hot water can open your pores, absorbing hard water and impurities and can severely damage your hair and dry your scalp. An effective shower filter will eliminate an impressive amount of chlorine.


Introducing the Pure Blue Shower Filter

The water you shower in plays a major role in the condition of your hair and the likelihood of it falling out. Constant exposure to chlorine, minerals, and impurities can be leading to breakage and hair loss.

Take care of your hair by installing a shower filter at home. Pure Blue’s shower filter eliminates 98% of the chlorine and impurities leaving you with moisturized hair and skin and less hair fall to worry about.



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