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How to Treat Dry Scalp: Causes, Symptoms & Home Remedies

How to Treat Dry Scalp: Causes, Symptoms & Home Remedies

If you’ve ever experienced dry skin, you know it may be due to weather conditions, the water you’re using, dehydration, or your skin not producing enough natural oils that keep it moisturized. That’s often the case with dry scalp.


What is Dry Scalp

Dry scalp occurs when your scalp doesn’t contain enough oils to keep it moisturized, causing itching and irritation. In some cases, dry scalp may cause flaking, but this is not to be confused with dandruff, as dandruff is actually the accelerated shedding of dead skin cells. You can find out more about the causes and natural remedies for dandruff here.


What Causes Dry Scalp?

Unsure of what’s causing your scalp to dry up? Keep reading to find out.


Hair Products

The shampoos, conditioners, and other types of hair product you use may be causing you to have an allergic reaction, and therefore drying your scalp. Carefully read the ingredients and scan the bottle for unfamiliar words your scalp might be uncomfortably reacting to.


Changes in Weather

Colder temperatures call for drier skin and scalp. Maintain the ideal temperature by opting for warm showers instead of hot ones, even during those cozy rainy days. Your scalp will thank you.


Over Washing

Over washing your hair, especially with the wrong water or shampoo can strip your hair of its natural oils, leaving it dry, itchy, and potentially irritated from product buildup. It is recommended to wash your hair 1- 3 times per week, depending on your hair type. For more accurate washing recommendations or if you feel your hair is getting excessively oily from postponing washing it, consult your dermatologist.


Common Symptoms of Dry Scalp


One of the most common symptoms of dry scalp is itchiness. Stop scratching for a few minutes and check out our simple ways to combat itchy scalp here.



If you’re noticing white flakes on your shoulders when you wear black or other dark colors, you might be dealing with a case of dry scalp. Fortunately, it’s easy to treat and you’ll be well on your way to wearing all your favorite outfits.


How to Treat Dry Scalp

Having dry scalp may be an inconvenience but it’s not the worst beauty problem to tackle. Treat dry scalp with these easy home remedies.


Tea Tree Oil

Take advantage of tea tree oil’s antifungal properties and rid your scalp of unwanted product buildup that can be causing dryness. Tea tree oil can be found at your nearest drug store or as an ingredient in many hair care products. Use it as directed when contained in other products or mix it with other oils, like coconut oil to moisturize your scalp before a shower.


Aloe Vera

From sunburns, to inflammation, to dry skin, Aloe Vera is the magical plant that saves us from a lot of beauty mishaps, dry scalp being one of them. Aloe Vera can be found in many shampoos but it can also be used as a cream. Gently massage it into your scalp and let it sit for about 10 minutes before washing it out.



Believe it or not, avocados are more than just the main ingredient in guacamole or refreshing smoothies. Avocados are rich in fatty acids that help protect and moisturize your skin. You’ve probably used avocados as a facemask before. Well, they have the same cooling effect on your scalp to!


Install a Shower Filter

The water you use plays an important part in the condition of your hair and skin. Excess exposure to chlorinated water can be drying your scalp and damaging your hair faster than you think.

You can alleviate the symptoms of dry scalp and get back to healthy, moisturized hair and skin by installing a shower filter at home. Pure Blue’s shower filter eliminates 98% of the chlorine leaving you with moisturized hair and skin.


Trying these simple home remedies with definitely leave your scalp feeling refreshed and moisturized.


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