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Hard Water Shower Filter Benefits

Hard Water Shower Filter Benefits

Are you dealing with extremely dry skin? What about frizzy hair and discoloration, or a dry and itchy scalp? The problem might be the hardness of your water.

What is Hard Water

Scientifically speaking, the hardness of your water is a reflection of the percentage of dissolved minerals in water such as calcium and magnesium. When washing your hands, dishes or clothes in hard water, you have likely felt leftover residue that requires nearly double the soap or detergent to completely remove it.


Effects of Hard Water

It’s the same when it comes to your hair and skin. Hard water has some negative effects on both but luckily they are manageable and even preventable.


Effects of Hard Water On Your Hair

When showered in often, hard water can cause your hair to turn extremely dry and your scalp to become itchy. Your hair will be more prone to breakage as your scalp doesn’t have sufficient access to its natural moisture resources. In worst cases, this might even result in unwanted hair loss.


Effects of Hard Water On Your Skin

Hard water is made up of dissolved minerals such as calcium and magnesium that contribute to fluctuations in pH levels of your skin, and therefore make it defenseless when in contact with bacteria and potential infections. Additionally, it contributes to excessive dryness and can potentially worsen symptoms for people with eczema.


Ways to Eliminate Hard Water

Install a Shower Filter

By installing a hard water shower filters, you can ensure the water you shower in is significantly softer and free from impurities, chlorine, and other harmful chemicals that might be causing dry hair and skin. Pure Blue’s shower filter eliminates 98% of the chlorine and minerals in your shower water, making it softer, and keeping your scalp healthy and moisturized and your hair strong and sleek.


Benefits of Hard Water Shower Filters

  • They prevent skin irritation
  • They keep your water clean and free of impurities and minerals
  • They help keep your skin and hair moisturized
  • They minimize acne and spots on your skin
  • They eliminate chlorine
  • They eliminate odors
  • They promote healthier hair and skin
  • They slow down aging


Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis is a highly effective filtration method that removes almost all of your water’s total dissolved solids. The benefits of reverse osmosis are nearly infinite and leave your water pure. However, if your water is extremely hard, the calcium and magnesium can damage your filtration system.

While there are several ways to clean up the mess hard water makes on your hair, skin, clothes, and dishes, it’s best to take preventive measures instead. Install the right filtration system and rest assured that you will enjoy a hassle-free lifestyle, and healthy hair, and skin.

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